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My Youtube Gaming Channel

2012-08-14 17:39:15 by ToFlashOrNotToFlash

I play a few games - and make videos.
feel free to subscribe :D

My Grandma Sucked My Dick #yolo

2012-06-23 17:32:23 by ToFlashOrNotToFlash

A new song about masturbation has CAME out by one of my artists :)
check it outttttttt~!

Hey all,

I do mostly acoustic/folk type music, but I've listened to various styles of rap all of my life. My sound is comparable to Bright Eyes, Death Cab For Cutie - that kind of stuff.

I'd really like to collaborate with fellow musicians to make a song where we combine both this folk sound with rapping.

I already have a hook/chorus in place - but am looking for a rapper and or beat maker to add that style to this track. I havnt written a rapping verse, but if you're also a writer you can surely have your way with it.

If anyone is interested, just message me :)

- Mykal

You can listen to some of my music here -

Mykal Allen Music

Yeah, make me a movie :(

I (TheEmoKiller) am participating in "Polar Plunge", a event we have here in Virginia to raise money for disabled people to raise money to participate in the Special Olympics.

I am on a team of nine people, and each person must raise at least 100$ a piece, if we raise this much per person we will be taking a "plunge" in the icy waters at Virginia Beach.

If you could make a 1$ donation, you could actually have a SPAM FLASH made about you.
Wouldn't that be amazing!?

You can donate by sending money to my PayPal account, at

Thanks for reading this :D

Whoever participates just comment here or send me a message and your flash will be swiftly completed.


2008-11-21 22:55:52 by ToFlashOrNotToFlash

Heres some good modern rappers, since most people think modern rap is garbage.
(Note this, there is too much good old rap too show lol)

This is a song by Talib Kweli entitled "Hostile Gospel Pt. 1" (Listen to the newgrounds reference at the beginning of the song :P)

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This one is a song by Common entitled "A Dream", it was featured in the movie "Freedom Writers"

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A nice jam by Mos Def entitled "True Magic"

/* */
Heres another by Mf Doom called "All Caps", he has way too many good songs to list here.

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Theres allot more stuff out there, especially a ton of old stuff, but yeah.
Give rap music its credit.

I accidently killed luis :O

I'm so sorry everyone...


Welcome to Newgrounds Noobgrounders.

Story Of How I Lost My Virginity

2008-09-13 21:11:13 by ToFlashOrNotToFlash

I like to beat off into my microwave/toilet.